When people talk about me they often call me a traveller.  On the surface that is a reasonable assessment, but I consider myself an adventurer, and more specifically on an adventure of learning.  I have travelled to nearly 80 countries, led an expedition driving two trucks around the world, and managed to get myself into an interesting hodge-podge of jobs in the course of my life.  After travelling all over the world, it has led me to a conclusion, wondering is much more worthwhile than wandering.

At the age of 32, I spend a lot of time wondering.  I wonder about what makes different cultures tick, I wonder how in the world we ever figured out how to send people into outer space, I wonder how to drive to the Arctic Circle in winter, I wonder why people have been fighting in Afghanistan for so many centuries.  To me, looking for answers is much more exciting than when you actually find them, and every day that goes by gives me about 100 more questions to continue my search.

Professionally I have spent a good majority of my adult life in creative fields like video production, multimedia design, photography, and writing.  I have worked for myself, for non-profits, for corporations, and been a bum from time to time.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine made the surprising decision to give me the honor of Adventurer of the Year in 2009 and the Polish Explorer’s festival invited me to speak at their prestigious event in 2010. Since the finale of The World by Road expedition in 2009, it has been clear to me that my path in life is one of adventure, exploration and learning.  But I will stop rambling about myself and let you use the links below to learn more about me from other people’s perspectives.


  1. Pam Germeroth says:

    I can say I knew you when you were a snot-nosed kid! I can also say that I’m proud of you. Tell your mom hello for me, and I hope that you are doing well and feeling well. Keep on keepin on!


  2. James says:

    Good day Steven, I linked to your site via Visual News. It is great to see a young man doing what he loves. I will wait patiently to view your past and future videos of your adventures. Best of luck on all your future endeavors. God bless.


  3. tds says:

    I stumbled on this slackline is amazing.

    You have appeared in some very interesting
    places. Keep it up.
    Love Dad